6/5/2011 Sheldon Museum

The Project I've been working on for the last few months is finally up on the walls and open to and public, and it looks great! I have been building an exhibition with the theme of Landscape Change in Addison County Vermont. Along with the help of some local photographers and museum staff I've chosen a collection of historic images as well as modern versions. The show has 100 digital prints of images both old and new as well as original images in display cases around the gallery. If you are in VT please check it out, it is fun show.


Vermont’s iconic landscape is the result of the dynamic intermingling of nature, chance and choice. The exhibit will explore our ever-evolving landscape through a variety of visual images, contrasting historic photographs with their present-day counterparts. The story of Vermont landscape change will also be told through paintings, posters and postcards. In teaching visitors where the landscape comes from, it hopes to inspire them to think about what Vermonters should work to retain and how we can best accommodate the inevitability of change.

The story of our changing landscape will be told through images of nature, chance, change and choice. The natural world establishes the parameters of the possible in our environment. The chance occurrences of fire, flood, insect devastation and other dynamic forces alter the landscape against our wills. The greatest force for change in the landscape is choice, as people make decisions and take actions that alter the landscape to suit their needs, desires and goals. Vermont Landscapes Lost and Found has received generous sponsorship from Orton Family Foundation, Vermont Community Foundation and Lyman Orton. The exhibit will be on view through October 22.

Left: Joseph Battell and his team in front of the Valette Block, ca. 1900
Right: Middlebury Rotary and Two Brothers Tavern, 2010. Photo by Milo Schaefer

Here are a couple examples:

The Piece House was on Court Street, Middlebury, mmm squirrel

Train at the station in Middlebury

Downtown Middlebury on Fire

Now called Steve's Park Diner


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