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SPE National 2013! Amazing. I met and re-met so many wonderful people. I have to admit I was a little nervous that this year might not live up to the past years, how could it? However my doubts were squashed rather quickly. Martin Parr started the even off with humor and wit. I think we all enjoyed his talk and left excited to start the conference. Highlights include: Jill Enfield's alternative process in the digital world lecture (buy her new book soon!). I met Jerry Ueslmann and Maggie Taylor!! They even stopped by the RIT reunion and chatted with us. I also met Bea Nettles (my undergraduate professor's professor). SPE produced a complex family-tree type map of the community network, which was quite entertaining. I had fun reviewing student work and being reviewed myself. There was a packed crowd for the walk through, I wish I had spent more time checking out the other work on display. Lastly we had the best turn out for the dance party in my 5 years at the conference. 

While in Chicago I stepped aside from all the amazing people, lectures, and art to contribute to a couple things. Firstly I set aside some time to write down my thoughts on the Canteen Finale. Negative critiques can be a useful part of the process. I took the rare opportunity to share my own critique of the critique process, so here is my two cents:

L E N S C R A T C H: Canteen Magazine Naked Judging: Emma Powell

Later I met up with Thommy and Susannah Panic the amazing photographers behind Orchid And The Bee. I sat for a tintype portrait session (with the help of the talented stylist Lorraine Rudin).

What a weekend!

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