The Middle

I am excited to have my work included alongside all of these amazing artists.  

Some of us are from other places, some of us have lived in the middle our entire lives, some of us were born in the middle and returned because it is where we feel at home or because we found work. Many of us make pictures in the middle and many of us travel the country or the world to make compelling photographs. This exhibition features a cross section of work by contemporary photographers currently living in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa. This eclectic exhibition features a wide variety of approaches to the medium of photography.

Public Reception for the Artists: Friday, January 31st 5-7pm

Exhibition Dates January 21 - February 7th

University of Kansas Art and Design Building.

Gallery Hours:

Mon, Tues, Wed 8:30am—4:30pm
Thurs, 8:30am—9:00pm
Fri, 8:30am—1:30pm
Closed Saturday
Sun, 1:00pm—4:30pm


Gloria Baker Feinstein - MO
Daniel Coburn - KS
Bryon Darby - KS
Adam Dienst-Scott - NE
Deanna Dikeman - MO
Dana Fritz - NE
Larry Gawel - NE
Phillip Heying - KS
Shreepad Joglekar - KS
Joe Johnson - MO
Luke Jordan - KS
Priya Kambli - MO
Adam Long - MO
Emma Powell - IA
Jeff Rich - IA
Travis Shaffer - MO
Mike Sinclair - MO
Lara Shipley - KS
Larry Schwarm - KS
MaryDorsey Wanless - KS


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