Brass & Bellows: An Alternative

An Alternative
Opening Reception Friday, April 5th. 5pm-9pm
Brass & Bellows Gallery, Marine on St. Croix, MN

"This first show at Brass & Bellows gets straight to the heart of our mission; the introduction of historical (or alternative) photo processes to a wider audience. More and more photographers are finding their voice by creating hand made images with these early techniques. While some may strictly adhere to the traditional methods, others are choosing to combine the best of digital and analog technologies, creating something totally new and unique. This modern resurgence of these historical processes offers a truly fluid combination of the oldest and newest photographic technologies, and this is where the excitement lies, since this integration can only drive the entire medium forward. an Alternative is happy to show a very diverse body of work, by 20 artists representing 14 different processes, including 2 artists books with handset type and type transfer."

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